South Africa - Subnational Population Statistics

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Source Statistics South Africa 2016 Community Survey Population
Date of Dataset June 04, 2021-December 05, 2021
Updated 4 June 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Projected from the 2011 Census by UNFPA. See metadata tab for more detail.

The UNFPA source data, projected from the 2011 census, reaches to administrative level 3 but levels 2 and 3 do not match the COD-AB features. The administrative level 2 values provided here were accumulated from administrative level 4 features manually associated with each COD-AB administrative level 2 features. See caveats.

Caveats / Comments

The following eight administrative level 2 feature sets have ambiguous membership of a small number of their contributing administrative level 4 COD-AB features. In each set only the summed population is certain to be correct, while small zero-sum errors affect the individual features. Nineteen of the 52 administrative level 2 features are involved.

ZA212 / ZA292 ZA214 / ZA215 ZA308 / ZA345 ZA418 / ZA419 / ZA494 ZA521 / ZA522 / ZA543 / ZA595 ZA523 / ZA525 ZA639 / ZA640 ZA797 / ZA798

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