RMRP 2021 Response Monitoring Data

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    Updated: 10 March 2022

    The RMRP establishes an integral response plan to the identified needs of refugees and migrants from Venezuela and their affected host communities in 17 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective of monitoring these activities is to ensure that transparent, regular updates in the status of implementation of the RMRP are given to governments, donors, RMRP partners, and beneficiary communities of host countries.

    To facilitate this process, in the planning stage of the RMRP, all the appealing organizations presented details on their planned activities for 2021, divided by sector and by platform, with specific indicators for each sector. These indicators will be used to measure the implementation progress of each activity throughout the year using the 5W system established in ActivityInfo. The RMRP monitoring is crucial to show how the who/what/when/where/to whom goals and objectives established in the RMRP are being achieved. Together with their partners, the national and subregional Coordination Platforms established sectoral objectives for the population groups that required assistance. The data about the number of services offered and about the number of people that receive these services, among other variables, allow every Coordination Platform to measure the implementation progress with respect to their goals and objectives; this also provides an accountability tool for governments and donors. At the same time, it will allow platforms to improve their interagency assistance by being able to coordinate activities, avoid the duplication of efforts and fill gaps in the assistance provided.

    Warning: The consolidated data for the 5Ws is a summary of the number of beneficiaries that have been reached by RMRP Activities during a given month, and until a given month. Each countries defines unique aggregation models to calculate the number of persons reached for each sector and intersector. For this reason, summing all activities beneficiaries is irrelevant and would not be valid.

    To get information about people reached, please refer to the document "People reached RMRP 2021" https://data.humdata.org/dataset/rmrp-2021-activity-repository

Source Inter-Agency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela
Date of Dataset January 01, 2021-September 28, 2022
Updated 10 March 2022
Expected Update Frequency Never

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