RMRP 2021

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  • people-reached-rmrp-2021.xlsxXLSX (270.9K)
    Updated: 30 March 2022

    The consolidated data for the 5Ws is a summary of the number of beneficiaries that have been reached by RMRP Activities during a given month, and until a given month. Beneficiaries refer to one of the 5 categories of population that are monitored by the RMRP: Refugees and migrants in Destination, Refugees and Migrants In Transit, Host Communities, Refugees and Migrants Pendulars and Returnees. The unit to report beneficiaries are persons, and in no case should services be reported (if this is the case, the reporting partner should have an internal formula to estimate the number of beneficiaries for each service). The activities that have to be considered at the moment of calculating the number of beneficiaries are those marked as PiN The figures reported in the consolidated templates can be split into two different categories that correspond to different units and interpretations of how many people we are reaching. Monthly total: corresponds to the total number of people reached during the reported month, regardless of them already being beneficiaries during the previous month or not. A correct reading of the monthly total would be: “in the month of April 2022, 54,961 people were reached by the Health sector, in X country”. In the 5W format, Monthly total corresponds to the Total Monthly Beneficiaries column. As it measures the volume of attention during a given month, without consideration of previous ones, Monthly Total figures must not be summed over a period that covers several months. Consolidated: corresponds to the number of beneficiaries, without double counting, reached by a given sector until the reported month. A correct reading of a figure in those columns would be “Until May, the Integration sector in X country reached 86,978 persons, with the following breakdown…”. To calculate these consolidated figures one uses the New Beneficiaries of the month column from the 5Ws format, as well as all the breakdown information. Since the figures are reported as a cumulative sum, you do not need to make calculations between months.

  • Target - RMRP 2021.xlsxXLSX (106.3K)
    Updated: 10 February 2022

    Target are calculated by R4V national platforms in order to plan the R4V response, based on the validated activities and the national aggregation model established in collaboration with national sectors

  • Population Projection - RMRP 2021.xlsxXLSX (79.0K)
    Updated: 10 February 2022

    Population projections calculated by R4V national platforms in order to plan the R4V response. The data used to calculate the projections are, as far as possible, provided by the official national statistics institutions.

  • PiN - RMRP 2021.xlsxXLSX (103.0K)
    Updated: 10 February 2022

    PiN are calculated by R4V national platforms in order to plan the R4V response, based on the Joint Needs Assesment and available information at national level.

  • Activity Explorer - RMRP 2021.xlsxXLSX (1.5M)
    Updated: 16 June 2021

    For the 2021 Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan, 159 organisations submitted a total of 9,412 activities, in 17 countries, for a total of USD1.44Bn. http://bit.ly/AE-RMRP2021 In order to facilitate the perusal of those activities, please find on the second page an activity explorer in which you will be able to filter the activities per platform, country and province/state/region, sector of activity, organisation name, etc...

    For any additional information regarding the RMRP 2021, please refer to the official website: https://rmrp.r4v.info/.

Source Inter-Agency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela
Date of Dataset January 01, 2021-December 31, 2021
Updated 30 March 2022
Expected Update Frequency Never

Activities submitted by appealing organisation for the RMRP 2021 response plan and population figures calculated by national RMRP platform

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