Papua New Guinea - Subnational Population Statistics

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Source Papua New Guinea National Statistics Office
Date of Dataset March 05, 2018-June 25, 2021
Updated 6 November 2019
Expected Update Frequency Every year

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Caveats / Comments

1) At administrative level 1 these tables do not refer to the National Capital District or to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. The National Capital District is combined with the Central Province and Bougainville is combined with the North Solomons province.

2) The administrative unit P-codes found in these tables do not completely correspond with the P-codes found in the shapefiles available on HDX (here)[].

In light of the February 28, 2018 earthquake, OCHA is developing a strategy to resolve these issues.

Sex and age data disaggregation was calculated from ratio estimates rather than original census data.

Small differences in totals between administrative levels occur due to rounding.

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