North-West Syria: Inter-Sector Rapid Needs Assessment - Flood Impact January 2019

On 26 December 2018, exceptionally heavy rainfall caused severe flash flooding in Idleb and Aleppo governorates in north-west Syria. This area has a high proportion of displaced people and concentration of camps and sites, making it a region with a notably large vulnerable population. Hundreds of tents were reportedly swept away and concrete houses in camps collapsed. As a result of the flooding, thousands of people have been impacted

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Source OCHA Turkey
Date of Dataset Jan 31, 2019
Expected Update Frequency As needed
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Caveats / Comments

KEY FINDINGS The results of this assessment showed a critical need for repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure and social services impacted by the flood. 74% of KIs reported partial damage to roads/streets as a result of the flood, and a majority of KIs (78%) reported a high priority need for repair/rehabilitation of roads/streets. The flooding impact has exacerbated pre-existing conditions and needs. Access to education for school-aged children among the population in assessed locations was found to be challenging. KIs in 34% of assessed IDP camps/sites and communities reported that less than 50% of school-aged children were attending school, with the top barrier to education reportedly being children working/children having to work. This assessment also showed a critical need for winterisation support. Winterisation kits were reported to be a priority by KIs (68%) when asked of top educational needs. Similarly, winter clothing kits were reported by KIs (97%) to be a top need when asked about shelter and NFI needs.