Nigeria Admin Level 2

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Source Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Date of Dataset October 01, 2015-October 01, 2015
Updated 25 November 2015
Expected Update Frequency Never
Methodology Direct Observational Data/Anecdotal Data
Caveats / Comments

The 10 Northern states that were collected for polio are accurate to the settlement level and there are some significant differences compared to what is on COD dataset.

The boundaries were made by mapping all settlements, and then using the Ward Level 2 admin attributes and the ESRI Thiessen polygons tool to create boundaries at each admin level. Thus, in a rural area that has a 5 km gap between settlements from two neighboring LGAs, the boundary will be drawn equidistant from each one. So this is obviously an artifact but can serve as an operational boundary.

In urban areas (Kano metro, for example), the boundaries were created manually with local authorities guiding the data collectors, and then validated during the vaccinator tracking. So we are very comfortable about those – and they are very different from the ones in the CODs.

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