Centre de santé croix rouge_Kongo central.csv

URL: http://data.humdata.org/dataset/105cf728-e17a-4915-b1e1-25449733146e/resource/6542e4d4-a833-4e5a-9c03-0162188df7a5/download/centre-de-sante-croix-rouge_kongo-central.csv

This dataset is showing health facilities belong to the National Society and collected and compiled after the join field survey ARC_IFRC and the Provincial Division of Health (DPS) , data collected during the field survey done in february 2019 in Kongo-Central province and particulary in the health zones of Nsona-Pangu and Kimpese. The dataset also contains detailed information on the functioning of those health structures, information such as the number of beds, numbers of health staffs working in those structures, statue of the latrines and showers, access to the disabled, presence of heliport, .... .

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