DTM Mozambique Site Assessment Round 21

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/7f7053f6-8c1d-4484-a23c-1a03a8ae2903/resource/7ad9ca94-aa13-4d3c-92f2-194d6b2729d3/download/hdx_central-mozambique-multi-sectorial-location-assessment-dataset-round-21-public-dataset_0.xlsx

This Multi-Sectorial Location Assessment (MSLA) report, which presents findings from the InternationalOrganization for Migration’s (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Round 21 assessments, aims to enhance understanding of the extent of internal displacements and the needs of affected populations in natural-disaster districts of Central Mozambique. The report covers the period from 14 September to 1 October 2021 and presents trends from 72 assessed sites hosting internally displaced persons across eight districts in the Central region (2 in Manica, 6 in Sofala).

Working in close coordination with Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD), a total of 109,275 internally displaced persons (IDPs) (a decrease of 6% since the previous round 20, mainly due to reduction in resettlement sites from 80 to 72) or 21,866 households were mapped living in sites assessed during this MSLA. Reported figures, however, exclude displaced individuals living in host community settings.

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