DTM Mozambique Baseline Assessment Round 16

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/a4bbccf1-d5ae-4712-b378-29c1372c7a42/resource/ae1e1c3a-48b9-4a49-81de-1344149f2018/download/northern-mozambique-crisis-baseline-assessment-dataset-round-16-june-2022.xlsx

Increased security incidents in northern Mozambique since 2017 resulted in population displacement as well as subsequent humanitarian needs. To better understand the scope of displacement trends and needs of displaced populations, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) activated DTM in Cabo Delgado province in February 2019.

In the 16th round of Baseline Assessments, key-informant interviews were conducted at district and location-level between May and June 2022. Assessments estimate the presence of 946,508 internally displaced persons (IDPs) mapped across displacement sites and host communities in 212 localities. Security and access restraints in the districts of Nangade, Macomia, Meluco, Mocimboa da Praia, Quissanga, Muidumbe and Palma, have limited data collection to select localities accessible to DTM field teams and focal points.

For this round, 30% of 946,508 IDPs are mapped in relocation sites, temporary centers and host community extensions. Approximately 1% of total IDPs present at the time of assessment were mapped in Pemba (139,566 individuals), followed by Metuge (126,030 individuals), Nangade (116,538 individuals), Mueda (104,270 individuals) and Ancuabe (82,496 individuals).

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