DTM Mali Baseline Assessment Round 67

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/ea41f7c7-2ebe-456b-b5eb-e3e0ac8d708b/resource/747a6661-d1e8-4c88-b719-ed14e85ed301/download/dtm-mali-baseline-assessment-round-67.xlsx

The number of IDPs has indeed increased from 266,831 people (CMP report of June 2020) to 287,496 in July 2020, an increase of 20,665 individuals. This increase confirms the worsening of security conditions in the regions of Mopti, Ségou, Tombouctou, Gao and Ménaka and the Mali-Burkina Faso-Niger border strip in recent months, causing more and more displacement.

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