Malawi administrative level 0-3 population statistics

Malawi administrative level 0 (country), 1 (region), 2 (district or city council), and 3 (traditional authority area) population statistics and gazetteer

Some humanitarian actors are using an alternative 28-unit administrative level 2 (district) structure instead of the endorsed 32-unit structure.
This dataset provides resources for both the 28-district and 32-district administrative level 2 (district) structures and the level 3 (traditional authority area) resources have P-codes for both. A lookup table is provided.

These CSV tables are suitable for database or ArcGIS linkage to the Malawi administrative level 0-3 boundaries shapefiles.

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Data and Resources


Source Malawi National Statistics Office
Date of Dataset Sep 03, 2018
Expected Update Frequency Every year

The 2008 population totals were extracted at the administrative level 3 (traditional authority area) Malawi National Statistics Office 2008 census report. Age and sex disaggregated data are not available.

The P-code data dissolves into 32 councils (28 district councils and 4 city councils) at the administrative level 2. However, there are often just 28 districts in the Malawi administrative level 2 (district) boundary shapefiles. An additional data set has therefore also been created where the city councils have been merged into their respective districts to form the 28 districts. An additional code field has been added to the administrative level 2 (district) and administrative level 3 (traditional authority area) shapefiles to reflect the 28 district P-code hierarchy. However, the original NSO Admin 3 codes have also been included for population joins.

Caveats / Comments

UPDATE 2018 10 22 The "Malawi administrative level 3 (traditional authority area) population statistics" table which had been incorrectly saved as an .XLSX file was replaced with a .CSV file.

The gazetteer was replaced with the ITOS version.