DTM Libya Baseline Assessment Round 21

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/89d609ef-b8c0-47b5-91a6-fe29af7d147c/resource/82850e86-593d-43e6-9a34-ba97164e1f76/download/dtm-libya-baseline-assessment-round-21.xlsx

The dataset contains number of IDPs, returnees at admin level 3. Returnees trend continued in Round 21 as the number of returnees identified by DTM increased to 382,222 returnees across Libya. At the same time, during the reporting period new displacements were reported in several locations, including 370 Tawerghan families (1,850 individuals) from Trig Al Matar and more than 2,400 from Derna. August 2018