Lesotho population administrative level 0 - 1 population statistics

Lesotho population administrative level 0 (country) and 1 (district) population statistics.

Sex and age disaggregated data are available for level 0 (country) only.

Sex disaggregated data are available for level 1 (district).

The level 1 (district) table is suitable for database or GIS linkage to the Lesotho administrative level 0 - 2 boundaries administrative level 1 shapefile.

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Source Lesotho 2011 Demographic Survey and Population Census 2016 key findings (Lesotho Bureau of Statistics)
Date of Dataset Jan 08, 2019
Expected Update Frequency Every year
Methodology Census
Caveats / Comments
  • Administrative level 0 has sex and age disaggregated data, but administrative level 0 does not contribute to the overall usability evaluation.

The administrative level 1 (district) P-code is (unusually) alphabetical.

POPULATION DATA: A new census was conducted in Lesotho in 2016, however I have been unable to obtain the data from the Lesotho Bureau of Statistics (LBS) to date and the full report is not yet available online. I however managed to download a document summarizing the key findings of the 2016 Census from LBS, which contains the total population at District (Admin 1) level and gender at country (Admin 0) level from the 2016 Census.

A demographic survey was also conducted in 2011, which contained the percentage gender division at Admin 1 (District) level from the 2011 survey.