Kenya - Anthropometric measures in Bomet County

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Source Kenya Red Cross Society
Date of Dataset Aug 03, 2015
Updated December 31, 2015
Expected Update Frequency Never

Anthropometry measurements provide one of the most important indicators of children’s nutritional status. In this survey, height and weight measurements were obtained for children under five years i.e. below 59 months. The height and weight data were used to compute three summary indices of nutritional status: height-for-age, weight-for-height, and weight- for- age. These three indices were expressed as standardised scores (z-scores) or standard deviation units from the median for the child growth standards recommended by the World Health Organisation. Children who fall more than two standard deviations below the reference median are regarded as undernourished, while those who fall more than three standard deviations below the reference median are considered severely undernourished. Children whose height-for-age is below minus two standard deviations (-2 SD) from the median of the reference population are considered stunted or short for their age. Stunting is the result of failure to receive adequate nutrition over an extended period and may also be occasioned by recurrent or chronic illness.

Caveats / Comments

This dataset has been extracted from the Kenya Red Cross society report on baseline survey for the Bomet integrated development project. The report was released on August 2015

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