INSO Key Data Dashboard, Jan 2016 to Aug 2020

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Source International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)
Date of Dataset January 01, 2016-August 31, 2020
Updated September 21, 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every month
Methodology Direct Observational Data/Anecdotal Data
Caveats / Comments


INCIDENT – For the purpose of this dashboard, ‘incident’ means all events reported to INSO regardless of type, severity, perpetrator, intent or outcome. For instance it includes all petty criminal robberies and threats as well as all armed assaults and bombings. It includes all accidental involvement as well as all deliberate and targeted attacks. It includes all incidents in which no one was injured or hurt and all those in which someone was.
AFFECTING – For the purpose of this dashboard, ‘affecting’ simply means that the incident had an NGO within its victims/targets. This could be either alone or as a group or just as part of the general public and includes all forms of involvement such as accidental, collateral or targeted.
NGO – means legally established as a private, non-profit & tax-exempt organisation i.e in UK a Charity, in USA a 501(c) (3), in Belgium an ASBL etc operating in accordance with the Red Cross Code of Conduct plus the ICRC and National Society. The organisation must be registered as a non-profit in both its home State and the country of operation. The definition does not include any UN Agency, Fund or Programme or any Private Development Contractors.
SERIOUS – For the purpose of this dashboard, ‘serious’ means any incident that resulted in a death, injury or abduction of an NGO staff. While other incidents can also be very serious, we just make this primary division for the purpose of observing what percentage of all incidents result in these most serious outcomes.

  • Countries covered by INSO at the time of writing include only: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Kenya, Somalia, CAR, DRC, Mali and Nigeria.

Disclaimer: INSO exists to provide dedicated support services to the NGO community. As a free service, INSO and its donors or partners, accept no liability whatsoever for claims that may result from the provision or utilisation of these free services. Whilst every effort is made to verify data, information remains subject to change. The dashboard should not be used in lieu of specific security risk assessments undertaken by your NGO prior to any action.

Contact: For further information or feedback on this dashboard, or other INSO services, please contact:

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