Indonesian Capital Cities

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Source ITOS/GIS Corps
Date of Dataset September 06, 2013-September 06, 2013
Updated 29 June 2016
Expected Update Frequency Never

This dataset was constructed by GISCorps volunteers in partnership with the University of Georgia, Information Technology Outreach Services. A target list of cities to locate was generated from a set of Wikipedia pages as they existed on 4 July 2013, primarily,, and linked pages. After compiling the target list, a range of sources were searched for geocodes, including: GEOnet Names Server, GeoNames, Google Earth, GeoHack, Wikipedia, Lemigas, Wikimapia, ESRI World, Urbita, GoMapper, Maplandia, OpenStreetMap and other miscellaneous websites. When possible multiple sources were used to confirm locations. After capturing geocodes, the data was compared to several administrative unit databases (GAUL, GADM, SALB, and to make sure the cities were located within the correct administrative boundary. More information about the project is available from the GIS Corps website:

Caveats / Comments

This data was originally published on the GIST data repository, which is now deprecated.

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