Inclusive Access to services for persons with disabilities

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Source Humanity & Inclusion / Handicap International
Date of Dataset November 06, 2018-November 18, 2018
Updated 11 April 2019
Expected Update Frequency As needed
Methodology Sample Survey
Caveats / Comments

In order to address Research Question 1 and simultaneously promote consultation and participation of persons with disabilities, HI surveyed persons with disabilities in Jadimura Camp (Camp 27). In order to achieve 90% confidence and 10% margin of error, HI selected a sample of 63 persons with disabilities on the basis of an estimated camp population of 10,200 persons (including an 10-15% of PwD based on global disability estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO)). As information on the identity of all persons with disabilities residing in Jadimura is not known, HI made a random selection from a list of 130 persons with disabilities currently receiving assistance from HI. Data collection took place between November 6th to November 18th.

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