Online Research on African Lifestyles and Outlook

Maisha is VoicesAfrica’s online pan Africa study on lifestyle and viewpoints on various aspects of life. The research report covers the following information areas: Income and expenditure • If earn a personal income • Share of wallet • Whether overall expenditure has gone up, down, or remained the same compared to the previous year Values • Determinants of well being • Aspects that have made life better/worse • Threats to self and country Role models • Most admired personality • Part of the world/Africa that offers greatest inspiration and hope Africa unity • If would support the integration of all African countries Technology • Devices used • Device that has made life better/worse • Device that has had greatest influence in life Attitudes • Response to statements on politics, insecurity, family, religion, sports, patriotism, economy, corruption, health, relationships, among others

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Source VoicesAfrica's Online Panelists
Date of Dataset Oct 31, 2014 - Jul 31, 2015
Expected Update Frequency Never
Methodology Sample Survey
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