URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/5b24c790-6d4b-49a7-a79c-2eb8877fd1f4/resource/d5a0a3f3-6ee2-46b8-a904-43f300e0967f/download/2022_03_07_health-pin-budget.xlsx

This document is compiled by the Information Management team in the Global Health Cluster Unit GHCU, and aims to compile the figures relevant to Humanitarian Health response at global levels. The information is compiled from the last available data in public validated sources. See detailed info below. The data is mostly compiled from HRP and follows the structure of the Global Humanitarian Overview. For any ideas, updates, or corrections please contact Luis Hernando AGUILAR R (aguilarl@who.int) GHCU-IM team-lead. The data used as populations, names, and other designations are used only as a reference and do not imply any endorsement.

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