Global Burden of Armed Violence

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Source Small Arms Survey - Geneva Declaration
Date of Dataset May 11, 2015-May 11, 2015
Updated 24 November 2015
Expected Update Frequency Never

The database combines data from a wide range of sources that report the number of people died in violent events across both conflict and non-conflict settings. Typical sources are, among others, hospitals, mortuaries, police as well as those organizations that document casualties in areas affected by armed conflict

Caveats / Comments

The cross-national analysis of violent deaths, across conflict and non-conflict settings, is challenged by a range of caveats. The availability of reliable data depends on the capacity of establishing and sustaining efficient reporting and monitoring mechanisms. Even when institutions collects and disseminate statistics systematically, the direct comparison of data needs to take into considerations problems of definitions as well as the use of different statistical principle and rules to count the victims of violence. Despite the last decade has witness an increased availability of data, large gaps are still present.

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