GIFMM Colombia: Joint Rapid Needs Assessment - COVID-19 | May 2020

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Source Grupo Interagencial sobre Flujos Migratorios Mixtos
Date of Dataset May 25, 2020-June 02, 2020
Updated 3 February 2021
Expected Update Frequency As needed
Methodology Sample Survey
Caveats / Comments

The databases from which the sample was drawn contain information of over 45.000 households, an estimated 250.000 individuals. The four databases were sampled separately, as data protection regulations impede the merging of the personal data contained within the lists. As a result, it is likely that household duplication occurred among lists. In addition, the sampling frame represents households that have been in contact with each organization (as beneficiaries, participants in previous (eligibility) surveys, helpdesks or information campaigns). As a result, there is an additional, nonestimated, sampling error and as such, the information is not representative of the entire Venezuelan population in the country. In addition, Venezuelans in transit (‘caminantes’), host communities and Colombian returnees are not included within the sample frame and consequently, not included in the assessment results.

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