Hungary - Food Security Indicators

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FAO statistics collates and disseminates food and agricultural statistics globally. The division develops methodologies and standards for...
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  • Undernourishment and Food Insecurity from the...CSV (61.8K)
    Updated: 23 May 2021

    Undernourishment and Food Insecurity from the FIES: For detailed description of the indicators below see attached document: Average Dietary Supply Adequacy; Average Value of Food Production; Share of Dietary Energy Supply Derived from Cereals, Roots and Tubers; Average Protein Supply; Average Supply of Protein of Animal Origin; Rail lines Density (per 100 square km of land area); Percentage of Population Using At Least Basic Drinking Water Sources; Percentage of Population Using Safely Managed Drinking Water Sources; Percentage of Population Using At Least Basic Sanitation Services; Percentage of Population Using Safely Managed Sanitation Services; Cereal Import Dependency Ratio; Percent of Arable Land Equipped for Irrigation; Value of Food Imports in Total Merchandise Exports; Political Stability and Absence of Violence; Domestic Food Price Volatility Index; Per capita food production variability; Per Capita Food Supply Variability; Prevalence of Undernourishment; Prevalence of Severe Food Insecurity; Prevalence of Moderate or Severe Food Insecurity; Children aged <5 years wasted (%); Children aged <5 years stunted (%); Children aged <5 years overweight (%); Percentage of Adult Obesity; Prevalence of Anaemia among Women of Reproductive Age; Prevalence of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Infants 0-5 Months of Age; Prevalence of Low Birthweight; Number of Undernourished People; Number of Severely Food Insecure People; Prevalence of Moderately or Severely Food Insecure People; Minimum Dietary Energy Requirement (MDER); Average Dietary Energy Requirement (ADER); Coefficient of Variation of Habitual Caloric Consumption Distribution (CV); Incidence of Caloric Losses at Retail Distribution Level; Dietary Energy Supply (DES); Average Fat Supply

  • QuickCharts-Undernourishment and Food...CSV (764.0B)
    Updated: 23 May 2021

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Date of Dataset January 01, 2000-December 31, 2019
Updated 23 May 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year
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Reliability and accuracy depend on the sampling design and size of the basic variables and these might differ significantly between countries just as the use of data sources, definitions and methods. The accuracy of an indicator is very much dependent on the accuracy of the basic variables that make up the indicator.

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