DTM Ethiopia - SA - Northern Region Tigray - R9

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/451632cf-3728-4723-be7c-fb3c9a572f5c/resource/67c91d03-3fd6-47d2-9140-1d6cd66c1e29/download/hdx-draft-dtm-ethiopia-emergency-site-assessment-round-9-jan-feb-2022-afar-amharatigray.xlsx

Through Emergency Site Assessment round 9 (Jan-Feb 2022), 175,264 IDPs were identified across 83 IDP sites in Afar region and 462,529 IDPs were identified across 560 IDP sites in Amhara region respectively. However, Zone 2 in Afar region was largely inaccessible due to active conflict and insecurity, and thus affected the total number of IDPs that could be identified. The IDP figures in both regions have decreased significantly following the withdrawal of armed conflict in eastern Amhara (mainly North Wello, South Wello and North Shewa zones) and parts of western Afar (Zone 4 and Zone 1). Through Emergency Site Assessment round 8 (Aug 2021), 1.8 million IDPs were identified in 581 IDP sites in Tigray region. However, please note that this information requires updating as a new round could not be conducted for the past 6 months due to a lack of fuel and cash. It is anticipated that the number of IDPs in Tigray should have dropped very significantly due to returns since August 2021.

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