DTM Ethiopia Village Assessment Sep20 R6

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/702af566-9df0-41bc-9b3b-b3907f8f632a/resource/b1874b46-3dab-4dd2-9d91-bf0620455668/download/dtm-ethiopia-village-assessment-sep20-r6.xlsx

Through the Site Assessment which was conducted from 15 August to 20 September 2020, DTM captured 1,846,551 IDPs (344,782 households) in 1,346 sites across the 11 regions of Ethiopia. The biggest causes of displacement were conflict which displaced 1,118,782 IDPs (61%), followed by drought which displaced 309,419 IDPs (17%), flash floods which displaced 206,893 IDPs (11%) and seasonal floods which displaced 117,194 IDPs (6%). VAS was carried out during the same period and covered 1,294 villages across 8 regions. A total of 1,210,053 returning IDPs, 35,409 IDPs, 9,940 returned migrants and 1,326,717 host community members were tracked through VAS.

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