DTM Ethiopia Village Assessment Mar20 R4.xlsx

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/702af566-9df0-41bc-9b3b-b3907f8f632a/resource/9141fb14-6355-43ab-a5e6-922537efa529/download/dtm-ethiopia-village-assessment-mar20-r4.xlsx

VAS was carried out between 1 February to 12 March 2020 and covered 1,150 villages across 8 regions. VAS is targeted at locations with high returns to evaluate the absorption capacity of the village with a focus on accessibility of services, livelihoods and reintegration. A total of 1,396,764 returning IDPs, 10,657 IDPs, 5,408 returned migrants and 1,265,476 host community members were tracked through VAS.

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