DTM Ethiopia Village Assessment Jul21 R9

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/702af566-9df0-41bc-9b3b-b3907f8f632a/resource/5f2577be-317e-416b-8e5e-4c0e32ff64e3/download/hdx_dtm-ethiopia-village-assessment-survey-round-9-dataset-june-july-2021.xlsx

Through Village Assessment Survey, a total of 1.3 million returning IDPs were identified in 1,180 villages across 10 regions. A large majority of returning IDPs (1.2 million) were initially displaced due to conflict while 56,280 returning IDPs were initially displaced due to seasonal floods and 55,039 returning IDPs due to flash floods. The region hosting the largest number of returning IDPs was Oromia region with 672,315 returning IDPs, followed by Somali region with 387,128 returning IDPs. However, please note that there were considerable access and/or security issues in Amhara, Benishangul Gumz, Oromia and Tigray regions which affacted the total displacement and return count.

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