Disberse DFID FTL Pilot with OCHA CBPF data from Iraq and occupied Palestine Territories, 2018-2019

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Source Country-based Pooled Funds (OCHA)
Date of Dataset January 01, 2018-December 31, 2019
Updated 16 October 2020
Expected Update Frequency Never

The data is a combination of data from OCHA GMS and data gathered through a survey to OCHA CBPF Implementing partners in IRQ and OPT. The survey collected detailed transaction data, complementing the OCHA GMS data. 40 out of 120 Implementing partners answered the survey. See the file "Data fields - DFID FTL pilot.xlsx" for the source of each data field in the dataset.

Caveats / Comments

Note that data fields in the dataset that originate from Implementig partners are selfreported by a significant number of different organisations. It is likely that there might be differences in how data was reported, and where said data originated (financial systems, bank statements, project management systems, etc.).

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