Daily Estimated Arrivals through Western Balkans Route

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Source UNHCR
Date of Dataset September 22, 2016-September 22, 2016
Updated 10 November 2019
Expected Update Frequency Every week

Reported figures are estimates by UNHCR on daily arrivals from each country from one or more borders. UNHCR estimates are based on the most reliable information available per country, including information from UNHCR border teams, authorities, and humanitarian partners. Daily arrivals figures to each country cannot be added, as the largest majority of refugees going through the mentioned countries are the same who arrived through the Mediterranean to Greece. However, the arrivals to Serbia from Bulgaria represent mostly land arrivals (not through the Mediterranean Sea). These estimates cannot be considered final and might change. Estimates are sometimes corrected on following days, and the representation of past days can be visualized by scrolling over the timeline on UNHCR Web Portal: data.unhcr.org/mediterranean.

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