Slovakia - Subnational Population Statistics

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Source 2021 Population, Housing, and Dwelling Census of Slovakia
Date of Dataset March 16, 2022-September 27, 2022
Updated 16 March 2022
Expected Update Frequency Every year

P-codes adapted from UNCHR COD-AB. This COD-PS is constructed directly from post-censal population estimates from the 2021 Population, Housing and Dwelling Census of Slovakia. The 2021 census was the first 100% electronic census and the first integrated census (combination of data obtained from administrative sources and data obtained from the population). It was conducted as a "de jure" census. For the population census, the information was collected either through the census website ( or via a mobile app (SODB2021) which was available both on Android and iOS. The census form was available in 8 languages (Slovak, Hungarian, Romani, Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French) and came in two types. The "Type A" form allowed respondents to register by birth number or identity card or residence permit. The census form only collected data that could not be obtained in the required quality from existing administrative sources, so there were fewer questions compared to previous censuses, thus reducing the administrative burden on the population. The "Type B" form allowed respondents to register by date of birth and sex, as it was primarily intended for residents who do not have an assigned personal identification number in Slovakia. The type B census contained more questions (20 questions) than the type A form (14 questions), as it is not possible to use administrative data sources for residents without a birth or registration number.

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