Ukraine - Subnational Edge-matched Administrative Boundaries

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Source State Scientific Production Enterprise “Kartographia” and ITOS
Date of Dataset April 25, 2022-August 16, 2022
Updated 30 June 2022
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Sourced from Ukraine Kartografia. P-coding by OCHA and ITOS.

Caveats / Comments

The edge-matched layers are subject to the following potential limitations:

Where countries border each other, one or even both boundaries may be less accurate than the original, definitive boundaries. The UN Geospatial Hub boundary is generally of lower quality than the definitive COD-AB layers.

Peripheral polygon feature shapes and the relationship of their areas to those of their internal neighbouring features may be distorted, while internal features are untouched.

Peripheral polygon features may artificially appear to touch different, incorrect features belonging the same country.

Features in the Chornobyl region may not follow the correct P-code and attribute nesting.

Inconsistencies have been observed in the feature name translations, particularly at administrative level 4. In some cases, for instance, a set of features with the same Ukrainian name may have more than one Russian or English equivalent. Most variations appear to be minor spelling variations.

Some Admin4 polygon features are outside the national edgematched borders and are missing from this dataset. A points layer has been included that includes all Admin4 units.

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