Nigeria - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source Office for the Surveyor General of the Federation of Nigeria (OSGOF), Ehealth, United Nations Cartographic Section (UNCS)
Date of Dataset February 23, 2017-November 26, 2022
Updated 22 April 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Admin Level 3 (Wards) boundaries were developed by Ehealth Africa through the collation of settlements referred to as “Microplan” within each Local Government Area (LGA).

The list is then sent to Ward focal points and traditional leaders from respective LGAs to verify which Wards the settlements belong. This confirmation forms the basis for demarcating the ward boundaries. The ehealth boundaries are operational and constantly being updated.

The Ehealth boundaries are also cross-checked with the list of wards available from the Independent National Electoral Commission to harmonise the two available sources of ward level information.

The Nigeria boundaries from OSGOF and wards from Ehealth were reviewed by ITOS to clean and align the wards with the boundaries for Admin 0, 1 and 2 and international boundaries.

The complete evaluation report for the ITOS process can be found here

Caveats / Comments

ADM2 feature "Bakassi" [NG009005] is not represented in the COD-PS, but is thought to be uninhabited. Any actual population will be incorporated in the "Akpabuyo" ]NG009003] COD-PS record.

Admin level 3 are developed for operational purposes only.

Two wards in the Administrative registry file (Sagir and Wurge) in Ngala, Borno State are not demarcated in the shapefile due to access constraint.

The COD replaces the following datasets:

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