Kyrgyzstan - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic
Date of Dataset November 21, 2018-August 08, 2022
Updated 11 February 2021
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Boundaries were digitized by the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MoES). The MoES published these administrative boundaries online and made publicly available.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for Caucasus and Central Asia with support from OCHA FIS cleaned the administrative level 3 dataset, integrated P-codes according to the State Classification of Administrative and Territorial Units (COATE) of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2018, names in 3 languages (English, Kyrgyz, Russian) and place types. Twelve independent cities (from the same source but a different dataset) were added to the administrative level 3 dataset to ensure it fully corresponds to the COATE.

ITOS live services will be added at a later date.

The Kyrgyz administrative boundary system does not designate administrative level 3 (community) features outside administrative level urban areas although those areas are characterized by rural type. This administrative level 3 shapefile and KMZ file includes ‘expanded’ units with special P-code suffixes which characterize the features according to an OCHA developed coding system. For instance, the Forestry in Uzgen district (KG06255000000) has a Pcode of KG06255000901.

Some source polygons were indicated as ‘Unknown’ and are designated as such in the gazetteer.

The gazetteer contains the standard administrative level 3 table and an 'expanded' administrative level 3 table.

The ‘expanded’ administrative level 3 P-code suffix system is described below: ADM3_PCODE suffix ADM3Type_EN ADM3Type_RU ADM3Type_KY

901 Forestry Лесхоз Токой чарба

902 Government reserved land Госземзапас Мамлекеттик жер запасы

903 Lake Озеро Көл

904 National park Национальный парк Улуттук парк

905 Nature reserve Заповедник Корук

906 Water reservoir Водохранилище Суу сактагыч

907 Unknown Неизвестно Белгисиз

… … … …

921 Unknown Неизвестно Белгисиз

The administrative level 2 (district) shapefile and KMZ file contain 'placeholder' polygons corresponding to the administrative level 1 independent city features that the Kyrgyz administrative boundary system does not recognize at administrative level 2.

Similarly the administrative level 3 (community) shapefile and KMZ file contains 'placeholder' polygons for the administrative level 1 and administrative level 2 features that the Kyrgyz administrative boundary system does not recognize at administrative level 3.

Caveats / Comments

Community Users should be aware that 277 Admin3 names are blank.

Administrative boundaries at the administrative level 3 (community) are missing 20 polygons that were not digitized. They are: ADM3_PCODE ADM3_EN ADM3_RU ADM3_KY ADM3TYPE_EN

KG02210810000 Ak-Shyyrаk Ак-Шыйракский Ак-Шыйрак community

KG04230826000 Chon-Dobon Чон-Добонский Чоң-Дөбө community

KG04230835000 Suyumbаev Суюмбаевский Сүйүмбаев community

KG04230837000 Kyzyl-Jyldyz Кызыл-Жылдызский Кызыл-Жылдыз community

KG04245860000 Sаry-Oy Сары-Ойский Сары-Ой community KG05258610020 Kаdаmjаy (city) Кадамжай Кадамжай independent city

KG06207823000 Kаbylаn-Kol Кабылан-Колский Кабылан-Кол community

KG06207839000 Sаry-Mogol Сары-Моголский Сары-Могол community

KG06207841000 Jany-Alay Жаны-Алайский Жаңы-Алай community

KG06211809000 S.Yusupov С.Юсуповский С.Юсупов community

KG06211824000 Nurаbаd Нурабадский Нурабад community

KG06226840000 Sаry-Kolot Сары-Колотский Сары-Колот community

KG06242600010 Nookаt (city) Ноокат Ноокат independent city

KG06242838000 Kok-Bel Кок-Бельский Көк-Бел community

KG06242856000 Mirmаkhmudov Мирмахмудовский Мирмахмудов community

KG06246815000 Kenesh Кенешский Кеңеш community

KG06255828000 Chаnget Чангетский Чаңгет community

KG06255860000 Altyn-Bulаk Алтын-Булакский Алтын-Булак community

KG07215806000 Bаkyyan Бакыянский Бакыян community

KG11201510010 Chon-Aryk Чон-Арык Чоң-Арык semi-urban settlement

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