Albania - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source and UNHCR
Date of Dataset December 21, 2019-December 21, 2019
Updated 30 June 2021
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Administrative level 3 boundaries were acquired from and attributed to the administrative level 2 boundaries provided by UNHCR. Four of the 378 administrative level 3 features were water polygons which have been excluded to correspond to the UNHCR administrative level 2 boundaries.

P-codes were developed by OCHA.

ADM0 has a separate lines file. The lines file for ADM1, ADM2, and ADM3 have the normal administrative level (AdmLevel) coding with 99 for coastline but in addition have code 98 for the shoreline of inland waterways that are included in the ADM0 shapefile.

Caveats / Comments

The process of assigning administrative level 3 features to a different administrative level 2 caused administrative level 2 feature “Bashkia Sarande” [AL1205] to be rendered as two non-adjacent polygons.

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