Angola - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source and Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE - - see methodology
Date of Dataset August 30, 2018-July 03, 2022
Updated 12 November 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every year

The source of the Angola data is the GADM (Global Administrative Boundaries Database) administrative boundary level 3 (Communes), edited by OCHA based on the Angola Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE) Census 2014 Preliminary report maps in order to facilitate a join to the Census 2014 population data.

OCHA added new Census 2014 districts by digitizing the general areas from map images in the Angola INE census pdf report that were geo-referenced . The edited boundaries therefore do not have a high spatial accuracy, however may still be beneficial for planning and population purposes.

Edits were made to the Commune (Admin 3) data and dissolved to Administrative Boundary 2/1/0 levels to ensure nesting, and topology checked.

The following boundary changes were made based on the INE Census 2014 data and maps:

• Added new Catumbela Municipality in Benguela Province

• Added new Cacula Municipality in Huila Province

• Merged municipalities into new Luanda Municipality (there are fewer municipalities in the new data set as Ingombota, Kilamba Kiaxi Maianga, Rangel and Sambizanga have been merged to create the new Luanda municipality, as per Census 2014 data and maps).

• Adjusted boundaries of Cazenga, Viana and Belas/Samba, Cacuaco, Cazenga and Dande municipalities as per Census 2014 data and maps.

• Adjusted Province boundaries, based on Census 2014 data and maps (boundary changes for Luanda, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Beng ,Cuanza Norte, and Malanje Provinces )

• Changed Province for Icolo e Bengo municipality from Bengo to Luanda, as per Census 2014 reports from INE.

• Changed Province for Bula Aumba, Dembos and Pangol Alquem municipalities from Cuanze Norte to Bengo, as per Census 2014 reports from INE.

• Changed Province for part of Muxima/Quassama from Bengo to Luanda, as per Census 2014 reports from INE.

Municipality names have been updated as per INE Census 2014 data.

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