DTM Chad Site and Village Assessment Round 6

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/162936be-722b-4559-970d-204d8a704d5e/resource/a1cad243-1953-4469-9da9-52bafc8a8ebd/download/dtm-chad-site-and-village-assessment-round-6.xlsx

As of December 2018, 167,246 displaced individuals (41,620 Households), including 126,313 IDPs, 39,312 Returnees and 1,621 Third Country Nationals (TCNs) were identified in 176 locations (123 sites and 53 host communities). 67% of displaced individuals were children, while 3% were 60 years old or older, and all displaced households (100%) had children. Most (92%) identified displaced individuals live in a shelter made of straw or metal sheet.