Central African Republic - Villages and Towns with administrative classification of Central African Republic

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Source SIGCAF, WRI, OCHA (maintained, updated)
Date of Dataset March 24, 2014-August 15, 2018
Updated 15 August 2018
Expected Update Frequency As needed

SIGCAF was a GIS effort conducted in 1996 and correspond with the 2003 census, with cartography prepared in 1:200,000 scale, on admin boundaries, as well as village locations. Village locations were taken with GPS in a systematic way. With this village update the SIGCAF dataset was compared to a village dataset available from World Resources Institute, 2013 (http://www.wri.org/resources/maps/forest-atlas-central-african-republic).

The two datasets were combined and the checked for duplicates in the following steps:

  1. Elininate all villages with the same geo-location and the same name, autmatically with the "Find Duplicates" option in the ArcToolb

  2. Manual check, commune by commune for duplciate villages between the two datasets.

  3. Generated new pcodes, keeping the old pcode for consistency, and using the pcodes of region, prefecture, sub-prefecture, commune.

  4. Updates from the field added

The first 4 characters correspond to the commune pcode, and the next 4 are a unique village identifier

The dataset has been updated (24 March 2014) .

Caveats / Comments

Most Recent Changes: 21-02-2014 - This is an update of the village dataset, by combining and comparing the SIGCAF dataset with the WRI dataset.

15-01-2015 - This is an update of the villages dataset that was registered (CAF_Settlements-SIGCAF.shp) It contains updates on villages, based on feedback from OCHA field staff. Also includes an excel sheet list of all the villages with pcodes.

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