DTM CAR Baseline Assessment Round 9

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/5fa6eebf-2a6d-4aca-bb4e-fb625cb3b44d/resource/3f216e0e-220c-4286-9fd6-fb60e2ba36ac/download/dtm-car-baseline-assessment-round-9.xlsx

This Round 9 DTM assessment identified a total of 1,492,273 individuals. These figures include 528,140 IDPs, 680,950 internal returnees and 283,183 returnees from abroad.

Following the previous DTM round (July 2019), the key results presented in this report highlight the continuous increase in internal returns (+ 12% compared to round 8 in July 2019) and cross-border returns (+ 8% ). Finally, a decrease in internal displacements is observed (-2%).

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