DTM CAR Baseline Assessment Round 13

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/5fa6eebf-2a6d-4aca-bb4e-fb625cb3b44d/resource/0554df81-920a-4769-9fbe-e85a3cba5a67/download/dtm_round-13_car_hdx.xlsx

During this thirteenth round of movement monitoring, the DTM listed 1,798,001 mobile individuals as of end of September 2021, including 393,854 IDPs (81,219 households) and 1,404,147 returnees including 1,070,749 internal returnees (215,602 households) and 333,398 returnees from abroad (67,313 households). Of the IDP households listed, 66 percent live within host communities, 31 percent of official sites and 3 percent on unofficial sites.