DTM Cameroon Baseline Assessment Round 13

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/140a45e9-6563-47e7-89b1-9109d89a2211/resource/69c1b3e2-9875-4c5f-96b8-25812e1c75fd/download/dtm-cameroon-baseline-assessment-round-13.xlsx

The displaced population is estimated at 352,921 individuals: 238,099 internally displaced persons (IDPs), 31,681 non-camp refugees and 83,141 returned. 92% of displaced populations are displaced by armed conflict in the region. 7% of displacements are caused by floods, drought and other climatic factors. 1% of trips are caused by other unspecified reasons. Data collected from 12 to 24th of April

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