DTM Cameroon Baseline Assessment Round 19

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/140a45e9-6563-47e7-89b1-9109d89a2211/resource/45b56ed2-6efc-4dcf-b7d2-d78b521e6ee4/download/dtm-cameroon-baseline-assessment-round-19.xlsx

Data was collected between 12-25 August 2019. The displaced population is estimated at 428,289 individuals (270,870 IDPs, 46,845 out of camp refugees and 110,574 returnees). 863 villages were evaluated, including 10 new villages. 50.2% of the displaced population were male and 49.8% were female. 62% were under 18 years old. 49% of IDPs lived with host families, 27% lived in spontaneous sites, 15% lived in rental homes, 7% lived in new homes and 2 per cent live in collective centers. The priority needs of those displaced were drinking water, food and health care.

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