Malawi - Socio-economic assessment of refugees and asylum seekers in Malawi's Dzaleka and Luwani camps 2017

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Source Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees
Date of Dataset March 06, 2017-March 29, 2017
Updated 7 February 2021
Expected Update Frequency Never

Kind of Data: Sample survey data [ssd]
Unit of Analysis: All refugee and asylum seeker households residing in Dzaleka and Luwani refugee camps, Malawi.

Sampling Procedure: The survey's objective was to deliver representative data of all refiugees and asylum seekers living in Dzaleka and Luwani refugee camps. The total population of these camps at the time of the survey was estimated at around 7,000 households (around 6,300 in Dzaleka and 740 in Luwani; note that this estimate considers households, not registration cases).

For this survey a stratified, single-stage (i.e. non-clustered) sample design was applied. The two camps were considered sampling strata. Within each of these strata, a sample of households was drawn randomly (using a simple random number) from the registration list.

The total sample size was 1,026 refugee households (802 in Dzaleka and 224 in Luwani).

NB: The original data collection also included a small number of households from the neighbouring host community; however, these observations were dropped from the public-release version of the dataset since purposive elements were introduced during their sample selection and they cannot be considered statistically representative.
Data Collection Mode: Computer Assisted Personal Interview [capi]

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