DTM Burundi Baseline Assessment Round 24

URL: https://displacement.iom.int/system/tdf/datasets/Burundi_Baseline_Round_24_0.xlsx?file=1&type=node&id=3176

DTM Burundi identified 179,901 IDPs comprising 40,272 households. 81% of IDPs were women and youth under 18 years old, and 29% of IDPs were children under 5 years old. 7,371 IDPs (4%) were living in camps and displacement sites, 94,268 IDPs (53%) were living with host families, 31,371 IDPs (17%) were living in emtpy and straw houses, and 46,891 IDPs (26%) were living in rented housing. 68% of IDPs were displaced as a result of natural disasters and 32% of IDPs were displaced as a result of sociopolitical issues.

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