DTM Burundi Baseline Assessment Round 29

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/1eb01fef-133c-4675-b4e9-a76b29511a02/resource/31e6ceef-a5e2-41f9-9099-a885bbca3a5a/download/dtm-burundi-baseline-assessment-round-29.xlsx

The DTM has identified 187,026 internally displaced persons (IDPs) amidst 41,060 households. 108,855 IDPs (58%) were living with host families, 3,552 IDPs (2%) were living in camps and displacement sites, 34,658 IDPs (19%) were living in emtpy and straw houses, and 39,961 IDPs (21%) were living in rented housing. 74% of IDPs (137,532) were displaced as a result of natural disasters and 26% of IDPs (48,680) were displaced as a result of sociopolitical issues.