DTM Burundi Baseline Assessment Round 31

URL: https://data.humdata.org/dataset/1eb01fef-133c-4675-b4e9-a76b29511a02/resource/2ef6ef55-3149-4248-b91f-e5a014f865f9/download/dtm-burundi-baseline-assessment-round-31.xlsx

The DTM for the month of July 2018 covers all 18 provinces of Burundi, and, identified 168,674 IDPs amidst 37,283 households. 74% of IDPs (124,012) were displaced as a result of natural disasters and 26% of IDPs (43,926) were displaced as a result of sociopolitical issues. 13% of displaced households were headed by women, and 3% of households were headed by minors. In addition, 1% of IDPs lived with disabilities, 1% of minors were unaccompanied and 2% of IDPs were pregnant women.