Bottom-up gridded population estimates for Nigeria, version 2.0

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Source GRID3 (Geo-Referenced Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development)
Date of Dataset November 17, 2021-June 28, 2022
Updated 16 December 2021
Expected Update Frequency As needed

This data release provides gridded population estimates (spatial resolution of 3 arc-seconds, approximately 100 m grid cells) with national coverage for Nigeria, along with estimates of the number of people belonging to various age-sex groups. Version 2.0 is an update to the previous version 1.2 gridded population estimates and is based on more recent and detailed settlement information and a different regional boundary definition. These model-based population estimates most likely represent the time period around 2019, corresponding to the period when the satellite imagery was processed to generate building footprints. Populations are mapped only into areas where residential settlements are predicted.

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WorldPop and National Population Commission of Nigeria. 2021. Bottom-up gridded population estimates for Nigeria, version 2.0. WorldPop, University of Southampton. doi: 10.5258/SOTON/WP00729.

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