Bangladesh Floods - August 2017 - Flooding levels & Vulnerability

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Source Netherlands Red Cross
Date of Dataset August 15, 2017-August 15, 2017
Updated 17 August 2017
Expected Update Frequency Never

In this analysis we have combined several data sources around the floods in Bangladesh in August 2017.


Currently, in Bangladesh many water level measuring stations measure water levels that are above danger levels. This sets in triggers in motion for the partnership of the 510 Data Intitiative and the Red Cross Climate Centre to get into action.

Indicators and sources

In the attached map, we combined several sources:

Detailed methodology Vulnerability

  • The above-mentioned poverty source file is on a raster level. This raster level poverty was transformed to admin-4 level geographic areas (source:, by taking a population-weighted average. (Source population also Worldpop).
  • The district-level PCA components from abovementioned reports were matched to the geodata based on district names, and thus joined to the admin-4 level areas, which now contain a poverty value as well as Deprivation Index value. Note that all admin-4 areas within one district (admin-2) obviously all have the same value. The poverty rates do differ between all admin-4 areas.
  • Lastly, both variables were transformed to a 0-10 score (linearly), and a geomean was taken to calculate the final index of the two. A geomean (as opposed to an arithmetic mean) is often used in calculating composite risk indices, for example in the widely used INFORM-framework (
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