COVID-19 pandemic Attacks on Health Care in 2020.xlsx


This coded dataset contains data on two different types of COVID 19 related events that affect aid security: • COVID 19 Event: Event in response to COVID health measures, events that affect the delivery of COVID-19 health measures, and events where health workers working during the COVID-19 pandemic are harmed. • Conflict Event: Conflict-related event affecting health care The events are coded based on available information about the event. Events are added to this datasheet after a cleaning and verification process has been completed. Insecurity Insight is receiving help for this work from John Hopkins University (USA), Drexel University (USA) and the Berkeley Human Rights Lab, (USA). The incidents are included in 'Violence Against Health Care: Attacks During a Pandemic' story map - a collaboration between Insecurity Insight and UC Berkeley Human Rights Center. Explore the story map here:

Events related to COVID-19 and conflict, and events by month.