Bangladesh administrative level 0-4 boundary polygons, lines, points, tabular data, and live services

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This is the full Administrative dataset for Bangladesh. It includes administrative level 0 (nation), 1 (division), 2 (district), 3 (upazila), and 4 (union) polygons and lines. All units have two PCODES. For each administrative level 'X', the 'admXcode_old' is the original 'GEOCODE11' PCODE and the one most commonly used in country. The GEOCODE15 incorporates Mymensingh Division which was created in 2015.

The administrative levels 0-3 layers are suitable for database or GIS linkage to the Bangladesh administrative level 0-3 population statistics population statistics tables. (See caveats.)

Data and Resources


Source Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)
Date of Dataset Apr 25, 2018
Expected Update Frequency As needed

Obtained from government surveys. Quality assured, configured, and published as live services by ITOS.

2019 02 15 UPDATE: Gazetteer resource corrected. (It previously erroneously contained a KMZ file.)

Caveats / Comments

The Bangladesh administrative boundary lines (shapefile and feature class in the geodatabase) were updated on 2018 04 30.

The KMZ polygon files are based on versions of the shapefiles that were generalized to 1,000 m and 1,000,000 square metre tolerances.

2019 02 15 UPDATE: The numeric nature of the official Bangladesh P-codes used in both the COD-AB and COD-PS may make linkages difficult. It may be useful to create and use a 'long integer' field populated with 1 x [P-code].