Nepal - Subnational Administrative Boundaries

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Source Survey Department of Nepal (, UN Resident Coordinators Office in Nepal (
Date of Dataset Aug 14, 2018
Updated June 18, 2020
Expected Update Frequency Every year

Data was generated by the Survey Department, presumably through field surveys. Some processing was done by the UN Resident Coordinators Office in Nepal.

Quality assured, configured, and published as live services by ITOS in August 2018. (Names corrected, metadata developed, administrative level 1 and 2 P-codes developed.)

16 June 2016 update:

Boundaries adapted by MapAction to reflect new Nepali policy.

2019 02 14 UPDATE: Dataset and data sheet updated to reflect launch of NPL COD-PS

Caveats / Comments

2018 12 12: The geometry of all the Nepal COD-AB features were slightly corrected. The displacement was consistently about 200 m. No changes to the attributes were made.

Districts are not formally part of the federal structure of Nepal but are included because of their common use particularly in humanitarian response.

The Nepal administrative level 0 (country) boundary polygon KMZ file was created from a generalized (tolerance 0.0001 degree) version due to the large number of vertices in the original shapefile. The shapefile available here and the geodatabase feature class are the original complete version.

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