Infrastructure Indicators for Nigeria


HXLated csv containing Infrastructure indicators

Indicators: Air transport, Annual freshwater withdrawals, Annual investment in telecommunications, Container port traffic, Fixed broadband subscriptions, Fixed telephone subscriptions, Households with television, ICT goods exports, ICT goods imports, ICT service exports, Individuals using the Internet, Industrial design applications, Information and communication technology expenditure, Information and communication technology expenditure per capita, International Internet bandwidth, Investment in energy with private participation, Investment in transport with private participation, Liner shipping connectivity index, Mobile and fixed-line telephone subscribers, Mobile cellular subscriptions, Motor vehicles, Passenger cars, Personal computers, Public private partnerships investment in energy, Public private partnerships investment in transport, Quality of port infrastructure, Rail lines, Railways, Renewable internal freshwater resources, Renewable internal freshwater resources per capita, Revenue from all telecommunication services, Road density, Roads, Secure Internet servers, Trademark applications

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